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"Consumer Report:
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Hyundai Accent SE 2013 a "Lemon"
Angry owner asks for money back


Request for Repurchase by Hyundai of 2013 Accent


[Name Redacted- Car Owner]



Sunday, March 3, 2013 2:28 PM

Marina Automotive LLC dba LA Hyundai at LAX

      Service Advisor, Service Manager, Owner

      970 Manchester Blvd  

      Inglewood   CA

      c/o Hyundai Motor America

      CEO John Krafcik

      Hyundai Customer Connect Center

      PO Box 20850

      Fountain Valley   CA     92708


      Hyundai Motor America

      CEO John Krafcik

      Hyundai Customer Connect Center

      PO Box 20850

      Fountain Valley   CA     92708


      BBB Auto Line

      4200 Wilson Blvd Suite 800

      Arlington   VA   22203

  California Department of Consumer Affairs

Re: The Hyundai Accent 2013 Lemon

"Necesito saber en que Hyundai concesionario autorizado por nombre, la dirección y teléfono que mis derechos constitucionales de los Estados Unidos no será violada, y mi vehículo derechos de garantía será honrado, sin policía Gestapo Hitleristic brutalidad a través de una agencia de policía local, que el concesionario."



Uploaded on Nov 13, 2010 The ABC News program 20/20 revealed what I have long known - The BBB is a shakedown and a scam. Reporter Brian Ross did a GREAT JOB investigating on a segment of "20/20," which aired Friday, Nov. 12 2010 on ABC”.Youtube.

“Hyundai employee states what will happen if you buy a Hyundai: ‘Please don’t come to buy a car or to do any other type of shopping here because it is not in our best interest to do business with you anymore.’ Don QumbyAug 15 2012, not denied by HMA.


An automobile manufactured by defendant unexpectedly stalled on a freeway and erupted into flames when it was rear ended by a car proceeding in the same direction. The driver of the stalled car suffered fatal burns and a passenger suffered severe and permanently disfiguring burns on his face and entire body. The passenger and the heirs of the driver sued defendant on the theory of strict liability for a design defect in the car's gastank, and, following a six-month jury trial, verdicts were returned in favor of plaintiffs. The passenger was awarded over $2 million compensatory damages and $125 million punitive damages, while the heirs were awarded over $550,000 in compensatory damages.” 119 Cal.App.3d 757


"Today, the challenge of the civil rights movement is again to free the slaves—the 1 million Black and 500,000 Latino prisoners in bondage “as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted” and the millions more on probation and parole under constant police control. I work with so many brave Black youth facing privatization of their schools, constant police harassment, brutality, and arrest for just living their lives—and forming organizations to fight the school-to-prison pipeline. At a time when the system is denying these young, gifted, and Black women and men their own revolutionary history, a new generation of civil rights organizers must set the record straight." [Name redacted]

"Customer Satisfaction

At Hyundai, we strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the Hyundai experience. We operate robust customer satisfaction programs, including a customer service center that handles all incoming concerns and inquiries. Hyundai regularly conducts customer satisfaction assessments by surveying customers on the quality of our new vehicles, the delivery of those new vehicles and customer services. We then use the assessment results to identify and address customer feedback." Hyundai advertisement


Is it Hyundai Motor America's Policy

shoot to kill 
the Black car owner
who complains?


What if you go to a Hyundai dealer.

You are told that even if you buy the car, a dealer will refuse you warranty inspection and service.

You are told that this is corporate policy no matter what the federal warranty law says, and that if you try to get service, Hyundai corporate has instructed the dealer to call out the police to threaten you and if necessary SHOOT TO KILL if you try to get your vehicle inspected.

This is told to you by no less than six Hyundai Motor America officials.

Knowing this, would you buy a Hyundai?


 “I need to know at which authorized Hyundai dealership by name address and phone that my United States Constitutional Rights will not be violated, and my vehicle warranty rights will be honored, without police Gestapo Hitleristic brutality thru a local police agency, which the dealership supports.”


The BBB Autoline has refused to order Hyundai Motor America to inspect its own vehicles.  The Hyundai owner manual says that if you have a vibration in your steering wheel bring it in to have a mechanic check it but on Aug 15 a Hyundai dealer refused to inspect a vehicle that the owner claimed had a vibration in the steering wheel. 

Hyundai cars have suffered from defective motor mounts, non functioning air bags, exploding sunroofs, defective brakes, overstated mileage claims, etc.


August 18 2012 a black citizen was denied public accommodation and equal protection of the law in Inglewood California. It appeared to be business as usual at LA Hyundai LAX, an agent of Hyundai Motor America. There had been previous racial discrimination charges leveled against Hyundai Motor America LA Hyundai LAX a few months ago. This appeared to be retaliation against the Black car owner for complaining about discrimination. It appears there may be a government concentrated effort in some of these matters to deny warranty work. The National Highway Traffic Safety Commission has been notified that Hyundai s suffer from defective motor mounts …..Marina Automotive LLC is dba LA Hyundai LAX. Their license number is 264187. That license is given to them by the state of California under governor Jerry Brown. LA Hyundai LAX is located at 970 Manchester Blvd in Inglewood California. Officer Blaylock of the Inglewood Police said he did not see anything wrong with denying service to a black man at LA Hyundai LAX.


''As you are Hyundai Corporate, I ask that you immediately by letter instruct your agent LA Hyundai LAX to cease and desist from denying me warranty service. Please copy me such letter.”


Ku Klux Klan Act

42 U.S.C. § 1983

"Every person who under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, Suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in such officer's judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory relief was unavailable."


[To] Krafcik, Bonneau, Schwartz, LA Hyundai at LAX et al:

Your emails are not acceptable as a resolution of the damages that have occurred to me at the hands of Hyundai Motor America and others mentioned previously. 

In addition I do not understand what you are trying to say.

Would you subject your family and friends to the threat of gun violence in order to get your car repaired? Probably not, but that is what you expect me to do according to the words and conduct of Don Qumby, Frances Melodia, Nicolas Moss, and Inglewood Police August 15 and August 18 2012 and to today’s date.


Your emails, and subsequent letters from the BBB Auto Line and Samara K. Schwartz, does not tell me anything I don’t already know; I know the owner manual says I can go to any authorized dealer; the issue is your refusal to confront the threat of gun violence that was real for me on August 18 at the direction of [Hyundai Motor America] HMA, just as real as the [redacted as to recent types of police violence]….. The video on this matter clearly shows Hyundai’s Don Quimby pull out from underneath the counter a black object that appears to be a gun; but the Police report says “no weapon found”. Your employees should face jail time for making a false police report that resulted in harm to me.


It is disingenuous for you and your colleagues to ignore this threat to me. My concern is a reasonable person concern.


A civil rights violation of this nature on your part must have the cooperation of the local police : the police report does not even mention the officers names involved or the names of the Hyundai officials. Nor does the police report state what I told them. The police report does not mention that my vehicle was on the property to be inspected and Hyundai and the police ordered the car off the property. Luckily there is a public video of most of the incident that proves the car was on the lot. There were also plenty of witnesses.


Why would you suggest I go to another dealer when I already went to Regional manager Jeffrey Phillips Oct 26 2012 for help,  with no resolution? Seems it would be appropriate for corporate to inspect the car, not a dealer.


BBB Auto Line decisions are non-binding. If a BBB auto line decision is not rejected within 30 days, it is deemed not accepted.


It is disingenuous and superfluous for you to say you are extending an “invitation” condition to me, when in reality I don’t need an invitation to something I am entitled to in the first place,  to take the vehicle to “any authorized” dealer. Out of one side of your mouth you claim I am invited then out the other side of your mouth “You’re trespassing; put your hands up!”


Your emails are negligent, malicious and bad faith. First they do not answer my letters to you. Second I do not understand what you are trying to say. You completely ignore the comments and actions of Don Quimby, Frances Melodia, Nicolas Moss from August 15 to August 18 and on October 26 2012. Your authorized dealer used the police to threaten, harass, and intimidate me with the threat of violence because I exercised my rights under federal law. I went to what was supposed to be a routine auto inspection only to face police at gunpoint....I wrote you August 15. LA Hyundai says they met with the owners and consulted with corporate in the conspiracy. That you would not address my safety and that of others at a Hyundai dealerships is the proof of your barbaric disregard of my rights as an African American car owner. Your emails indicate further you have extended me an "invitation", and of course not given this same email to the dealers, which is your malicious way of saying a Black needs the separate and unequal invitation to enter a dealership, but a white does not.


Since HMA has refused to respond to my inspection and warranty questions surrounding warranty service, under Civil Code Section 1793.2(d)(2)(A) I request that my vehicle be repurchased by HMA. This request is being filed separately thru the BBB Auto Line online intake. The elements to prove this are: (1) my vehicle is used for personal purposes; (2) the vehicle problems as reported to HMA and the dealer are covered by the warranty and substantially effect the use and value of the vehicle to me, (3) There have been a reasonable number of repair opportunities and the warrantor has not repaired the problems complained about. Repair attempts include but are not limited to August 15 2012, August 18 2012, and October 26, 2012. The vehicle has been out of warranty service since August 15 2012.

"Je dois savoir à ce qui a autorisé l'adresse et le téléphone de concessionnaire de Hyundai de nom que mes Droits constitutionnels des Etats-Unis ne seront pas violés, et mes droites de garantie de véhicule seront honorées, sans brutalité de Gestapo Hitleristic de police par une agence de police locale, que le concessionnaire soutient."

Nothing in this email shall constitute a settlement of any claims, nor is it intended as a waiver of any claim. All comments herein as they involve communication with attorney Samara K. Schwartz are entitled to litigation privilege and are not intended for the purpose of intimidation or harassment. Per the vehicle warranty and obligation,  these matters are before the BBB auto line before possible court action. All rights and remedies are expressly reserved. I reserve the right also to rescind, modify, amplify, or amend at any time any parts of this email.



Car Owner [Name redacted]

reference: BBB Auto Line Intake complaints dated January 16 2013, February 6, 2013, and March 3 2013 [a signed copy attached, which is somewhat unreadable.]

c: Senator Diane Feinstein

   Representative Karen Bass


attachments BBB Auto Line Intake form March 3 2013;

State Bar Intake Complaint against Samara K. Schwartz asking for disbarment.

[The above are Excerpts from an email and letter of March 3 2013 sent to LA Hyundai at LAX, Hyundai Customer Connect Center, Lorraine Bonneau, CEO John Krafcik, the Better Business Bureau Auto Line [Arlington, Virginia], the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Samara K. Schwartz. An Ethics Complaint has also been sent asking for the disbarment of attorney Samara Schwartz. An additional complaint has been filed with the Better Business Bureau Auto line asking for equitable award against Hyundai Motor America, all those who fund the Better Business Bureau Auto Line, and against Samara Schwartz. from Editor.]

Letter to Congress
Representative Karen Bass
re Inglewood Police

As seen on Facebook

I dare say that the next time a Black person takes their car to LA Hyundai at LAX they will be shot dead by the Police and Hyundai officials. And no one will care. Not even Congress can get a Black man fair treatment in America.
Here is my response to Rep. Karen Bass's letter:
Dear Rep. Bass:
I have received your December 5 2012 email regarding my request for the copy of the Police report from the August 18 incident with the LA Hyundai LAX involving federal auto warranty rights. You write that federal civil rights falls outside the jurisdiction of Congress and that I should continue the run around and contact Inglewood Mayor James T. Butts. I respond: The police received my request and check around October 15 2012. To this date I have not received the advisory report. It is like the police cannot account for their whereabouts that day. I question their use of federal funding by Congress for purposes of neglect of duty. Thank God I have pictures of the incident. Your letter indicates the reason why people do not vote and why they do not trust government officials like yourself. Exercise in futility comes to mind. I wonder if you or a family member or friend were in my position and harassed at a Inglewood car dealer and harassed by Inglewood Police and now you cannot get a copy of the police report and you also cannot get your $17,000 car inspected by a federally protected and authorized dealer; how would you feel and what would you do to get a copy of the police report? I was confronted at the dealership by a mob of white savage animals; how would you feel and react if you were in my position Rep. Bass? From car owner. Signed January 7 2013.


Hyundai dealer threatens
Court action against Blacks
Who blog and video
About discrimination

[Editor Note: Around August 2012 Hyundai Motor America was accused of racial discrimination after refusing service to a Hyundai owner that was African American. On March 30, 2013, the same dealer refused service again. In both instances the Inglewood Police were called out. This letter below is a response to the March 28 and Mar 29 letters of Hyundai which did not reach the car owner before he went to the dealer on Mar 30.]


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My Cease and Desist Letter to You


[Name redacted]





Wednesday, April 3, 2013 11:37 PM


   Marina Automotive LLC dba LA Hyundai at LAX

      Richard Middlekauff, President

      970 Manchester Blvd  

      Inglewood   CA

      c/o Hyundai Motor America

      CEO John Krafcik

      Hyundai Customer Connect Center

      PO Box 20850

      Fountain Valley   CA     92708


      Hyundai Motor America

      CEO John Krafcik

      Hyundai Customer Connect Center

      PO Box 20850

      Fountain Valley   CA     92708


      BBB Auto Line

      4200 Wilson Blvd Suite 800

      Arlington   VA   22203

        California Department of Consumer Affairs


      Inglewood Police Department

       1 W Manchester Blvd

       Inglewood, CA 90301


       Melanie S. Joo


      555 W 5th St # 48  Los Angeles, CA 90013


    The District of Columbia Bar 

   1101 K Street NW, Suite 200 

   Washington DC 20005 



Dear Parties:

All rights and remedies are reserved. I reserve the right to change, modify, or revoke this letter at anytime. It is not to be construed as settlement of any kind.

"HYUNDAI, KIA RECALL MORE THAN 1.9 M vehicles in U.S. for electrical, airbag issues"

Detroit news washington bureau April 3 2013

"Headliner Support bracket may Cause Injury".

 US DOT NHTSA re Hyundai- April 3 2013


‘Today, a trespass law is used to penalize people for exercising a constitutional right.’

"Today, a trespass law is used to penalize people for exercising a constitutional right. Tomorrow, a disorderly conduct statute, a breach of the peace statute, a vagrancy statute will be put to the same end. It is said that the sheriff did not make the arrests because of the views which petitioners espoused. That excuse is usually given, as we know from the many cases involving arrests of minority groups for breaches of the peace, unlawful assemblies, and parading without a permit. The charge against William Penn, who preached a nonconformist doctrine in a street in London, was that he caused "a great concourse and tumult of people" in contempt of the King and "to the great disturbance of his peace." 6 How.St.Tr. 951, 955. That was in 1670. In modern times, also, such arrests are usually sought to be justified by some legitimate function of government. Yet, by allowing these orderly and civilized protests against injustice to be suppressed, we only increase the forces of frustration which the conditions of second-class citizenship are generating amongst us." Adderly v Florida




Section 203. . No person shall (a) withhold, deny, or attempt to withhold or deny, or deprive or attempt to deprive, any person of any right or privilege secured by section 201 or 202, or (b) intimidate, threaten, or coerce, or attempt to intimidate, threaten, or coerce any person with the purpose of interfering with any right or privilege secured by section 201 or 202, or (c) punish or attempt to punish any person for exercising or attempting to exercise any right or privilege secured by section 201 or 202.

On March 30, 2013, at the Marina Automotive LLC dba L.A. Hyundai at LAX, the security guard hired by Hyundai, shut the gate and waved me down. I was in my car the 2013 Hyundai Accent, prepared for inspection. The guard blocked my entrance. At about 11:00 am I was surrounded by Police officers after driving about a block away. Two of the officers said repeatedly, "Didn't the dealer tell you not to trespass onto the property?" and "What were you doing on the property?" "Why do you have an armed guard with you?" The armed guard with me for protection, told them I had not entered the property.


Richard Middlekauff is the

President of L.A. Hyundai at LAX

As further regards the March 28 letter from Richard Middlekauff, your allegation of harassment does not meet the legal definition of "harassment", therefore your claim is without merit and disregarded. The second paragraph of your letter, makes an issue of the August 18 visit, which shows that seven months later you are still harboring retaliation towards me because I was a Black man seeking repairs. As you know your employees at that time admitted they had never seen me or my car before so your clinging to the fact they could not "satisfy me" is neither believable or reasonable in that regard; the only thing left is because I am Black and because you retaliated because I complained. I was NOT being rude, disrespectful, or unprofessional; I was reasonably asking for service and reacting as best I could [to] a racially hostile environment, in clear violation of MY right to protection under the Civil Rights Act of 1964. You allege customers and employees who felt harassed; please forward me copies of their signed statements under penalty of perjury.

I have not seen any video in which anyone is being harassed other than myself. It is unfortunate that you and your agents have determined that a poor old Black man asking for warranty service is somehow a violation of your Civil Rights. You allege to ban me from your dealership as if you have the authority to take away my right to public accommodation. You and your alleged attorney (who engages in Misconduct and urging your violation of the law, and should be disbarred under Rule 8.4 Misconduct) allege it is my responsibility you watched TV and saw videos about the negative Hyundai experience. Your claims are vague and lacking in specificity because you don't identify which videos, "related content" that you are referring to. (Your attorney cannot even spell "L.A. Hyundai at LAX" correctly.) You have not given me the required notice, not that you have legal grounds anyway.

Here are some of the videos I have seen on TV about Hyundai. 

Perhaps these are the ones you speak of:

Google "Hyundai Velocity Bad Brakes" brings up 7.5 million results

Google "Hyundai sonata problems complaints" brings up 200,000 results

Google "2013 hyundai accent complaints" brings up 168,000 results

Google "Hyundai Lies" brings up 2.3 million results

Are these the sites you believe I have authority to remove?

Your claiming I am "erratic" and "harassing" are simply classification for purposes of discrimination and deprivation of my Civil Rights, Title II, Section 203 above.

Middlekauff Claims His Workers Blame

a Black Man for harassment

because they voluntarily watched TV


The Inglewood Police called out to the Inglewood Hyundai dealer on August 18 2012 and March 30 2013, before questioning me, did not advise me of my right to remain silent; they violated and obstructed my freedom of assembly, equal rights, freedom of speech, civil rights, public accommodation, and federal warranty rights.

To the Police department: please provide me with the names of the officers called to the scene at 11:00 a.m. on March 30 3013, that questioned me and the security guard with me.

Finally as regards your claims that someone has been defamed and privacy, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in a public place. Your claims are without merit:


"Under US law, citizens cannot have a reasonable expectation of privacy in public places except for places specifically constructed to provide privacy (such as a public bathroom). Garbage left in public places for collection has no reasonable expectation of privacy, for example. Anything in a public places that can be experienced with any of the five senses has no reasonable expectation of privacy. There are numerous other examples under US law that could be cited."

Please immediately cease and desist from your violations of my civil rights. If you do not write me a letter that you will do so, I will consider court action against you.

I will be soon seeking another appointment to receive warranty inspection and service at a Hyundai dealer of my choice. In the past I noticed the California attorney general, the Justice Department, and the local police asking for an escort but no one responded. But I will notify all of you of the day, and any other interested parties, and I demand that I be afforded the warranty inspection and service and public accommodation that I am entitled to. Further I ask that all Inglewood Police Officers, without limitation, be instructed to STAND DOWN, so I can get my car inspected at the authorized Hyundai dealership of my choice, without the threat of police violence.


[Name of auto owner and race, redacted]

[Bold headings are not in the original letter]


News Update JUNE 15 2013

as seen on YouTube

FROM EDITOR: In that 42 UCS 1983 Case CV13-2264 FMO (MRWx), civil rights lawsuit, against Hyundai, HYUNDAI DEALER Marina Automotive, LLC DBA L.A. Hyundai at LAX is represented by THARPE & HOWELL, LLP, 15250 VENTURA BLVD NINTH FLOOR, SHERMAN OAKS, CA 91403. Phone 818-205-9955. Robert B. Salley, Esq., bar no. 132883; Yashpal S. Sandhu, Esq., bar no. 269789.

FROM EDITOR: In that 42 UCS 1983 Case CV13-2264 FMO (MRWx), civil rights lawsuit, against Hyundai, Hyundai Motor America is represented by law firm BEATTY & MYERS, LLP, 100 WEST BROADWAY, SUITE 500, LONG BEACH, CA 90802. PHONE 562-606-1530. Sean D. Beatty Bar No. 155328, John W. Myers IV, bar no.  179975, Soheyl Tahsildoost, bar no. 271294.

EDITOR: In that 42 UCS 1983 Case CV13-2264 FMO (MRWx), civil rights lawsuit, defendants Vanessa D. Taylor, the Taylor Group, Inc. [Manalapan, New Jersey], Savio Figaro, Patricia Barsanti, D.O., and  John F. Kennedy Medical Center Foundation Inc. have not responded to the first amended complaint as of today's date. Savio Figaro is a lawyer at the firm Miller, Meyerson, & Corbo, Jersey City, New Jersey. Said defendants may face entry of default judgment. The Taylor Group, Inc. is a government contractor.

FROM EDITOR: In that 42 UCS 1983 Case CV13-2264 FMO (MRWx), civil rights lawsuit, "Marina's" Request For Document Production No. 19:  "Any and all writings, publications, recordings, and/or posts on any website, blog or online forum mentioning or concerning L.A. Hyundai at LAX." and no. 20: "Any and all videos posted on a website, blog, or online forum regarding LA Hyundai at LAX." Editor note: There are 877,000 sites under Google search "L.A. Hyundai at LAX." A Youtube search brings up 809 Videos under "L.A. Hyundai at LAX".

TEN MONTHS. How long it has been since Hyundai Motor America and its dealer refuse warranty service to an African American Hyundai owner.

TEN SECONDS. How long it takes to say, "Hi, how can we help you? Let's get your car in here and take a look."

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